Mine Blitz

Mine Blitz

Mine Blitz

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Mine Blitz iOS / Android Gameplay

Mine Blitz - Gameplay Trailer (iOS, Android)

Mine Blitz iOS Gameplay

The makers of Century City have built a fast-paced platformer around the story of the beloved miner in a awesome game!

This is a challenging adventure inside the gold mine-with traps, bombs, pikes and dungeon creatures-for player to tackle.

Getting the timing down will not be easy. But once you did, you will have a great time pulling off "trick shots" that launched you past traps and into golds or treasure.

Mine Blitz feature one-touch gameplay, stunning voxel graphic. The wicked-hard will make you smile and come back for many times.

*version 1.4.0
- Improvement on balancing!
- Balancing price of Power-ups!
- Compatible with Android – Nougat 7.0
- Minor bug fixes